Four Great Restaurant Picks For The Charming City Of Wheaton IL

Is this your first visit to the city of Wheaton IL? It’s a hop, skip and a jump away from Chicago, and there are some great restaurants to check out there. One thing I just noticed about Wheaton that I really like a lot is the city’s motto: Wheaton, Town of our Lord. I think that is really cool. Don’t forget to bless the meal, praying before you eat at one of these fantastic restaurants waiting for you in Wheaton IL.

Adelle’s is located at 535 West Liberty Drive. According to a travel site, it helps to know where free parking is available in that area. Just west of the restaurant, there is a two story parking garage. Risotto, whitefish and flat iron steak are a few of the popular menu items. One of the dessert favorites is a peach crisp. Meatloaf, gelato and binoche bread pudding are also highlights according to the reviews. You’re talking fine dining in a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Suzette’s Creperie is located at 211 West Front Street, and you can imagine that crepes are the main draw. Ham and cheese crepes and spinach souffle crepes are a couple examples of what’s served up at Suzette’s Creperie. Macaroons and wine are mentioned in the reviews, and it’s said in general that this restaurant is a great stop if you’re craving dessert.

Pa Lian Burmese Restaurant is located at 254 East Geneva Road. A few of the menu highlights include fried tofu, tea leaf salad and samosas. Did you think that samosas are drinks? For some reason, I did, reading it like ‘mimosas.’ But samosas are similar to spring rolls. This stop would be great if you’re wanting to try something a little different when dining out in Wheaton.

It’s time for a great pancake house. The picture I’m looking at for Butterfield’s Pancake House make me want to go there and eat right now, and I’m already full. This great restaurant is located at 351 Rice Lake Square, and it is said to be a wonderful breakfast stop. They actually serve fresh squeezed OJ, and there are all kinds of other great menu items, too, aside from the pancakes.

That pancake house has my attention, but the other three picks are wonderful as well. I like crepes, and Adelle’s sounds scrumptious, especially for a celebration dinner. I’m not sure if I would like Burmese cuisine, but it sounds interesting nonetheless.

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