Wheaton IL Attractions That Make For Great Family Excursions

Part of DuPage County, Wheaton is only 30 miles from The Windy City. Are you relocating or just traveling? Whether you plan to visit this city or you are going to be a new resident there, there are fun things to do waiting for you. Make your way around the city of Wheaton, Illinois, and consider stopping by these four places of interest.

Cosley Zoo is a great place to start. Its location is 1356 North Gary Avenue, and it is said to be a great family attraction. There is a Festival of Lights held there each year. People do mention its a smaller zoo, featuring even some farm animals. It makes for a unique experience, not your typical zoo. You can even pet some of the animals, so you can imagine it’s a great place to take younger kids.

There are two gift and specialty shops mentioned on a travel site, The Little Popcorn Store and Adagio Teas. The Little Popcorn Store is located at 111 West Front Street, and there is more than just popcorn sold there. It’s also a candy shop, and people say there is even old-fashioned candy that is hard to find these days. Adagio Teas is located at 27 West Jefferson Avenue, and while you’re shopping there, you can also sample the teas that are offered.

The Illinois Prairie Path is located near the Fox River, and it’s a great place to go walking or biking. It also connects to two other trails, Salt Creek Trail and Great Western Trail. As a matter of fact, all three are part of a trail system that stretches for more than 500 miles.

There is a room escape game in Wheaton called Escape For Fun. It is located at 314 South Main Street. This would also put you in the downtown area so that you could explore it as well. There are two room choices, Mission Critical and The Chamber. In the Chamber, you are trying to free the sword Excalibur, and in Mission Critical, there is a fictional deadly device that needs to be disarmed.

Those Wheaton IL adventures are sure to be a lot of fun. There’s more to learn about this great city, and you’re going to enjoy taking a look around. From gift and specialty shops to walking trails, room escape games and more, Wheaton is a small city that has it all.

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